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Double-glazed glass

Helio GG modules can be successfully utilized as a layer of laminated glass. In the case of lamination, the placement of junction boxes in the peripheral glass area needs to be considered. The modules can be employed as both the front and inner layers of the laminate.

PV double glazing

Covering the junction box

To conceal the junction boxes, it's recommended to use masking around the glass perimeter or on the margin where the junction box is located. Depending on the application, masking can be achieved through glass painting or ceramic printing.

Double-glazed PV

Unique patterns

It's possible to create a design across the entire surface of the front glass, resulting in a glass panel with a unique pattern. This design should be accomplished using ceramic printing techniques. The resulting pattern will modify the final electrical parameters of the module, such as a reduction in module power and current. The reduction will be proportional to the level of cell shading caused by the pattern.


Wide range of applications

Glass laminated with photovoltaic elements prepared in this way serves the same purpose as regular laminated glass. Therefore, our solution can be applied wherever there's space for traditional glass or glass surfaces.


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