Photovoltaics beyond the clichés

We manufacture photovoltaic modules and systems with non-standard dimensions, shapes, and properties. Our modules are characterized by a high degree of customization. One-of-a-kind Helio modules can be applied in every project, with their greatest potential being realized in BIPV implementations.

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Our latest projects

PV modules

Unusual solutions for photovoltaics

We manufacture photovoltaic modules using our professional equipment. If you are a developer, architect, or simply seeking customized photovoltaic solutions for your project, you are in the right place.

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Made according to your needs

We offer high-quality photovoltaic modules with their final characteristics tailored to your requirements. The versatility in the design of our PV modules allows them to seamlessly integrate into any project.

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About us

Get to know us better

The products we manufacture are characterized by excellent quality - significantly higher than in the case of generic, commonly used photovoltaics. All of this is the result of our extensive experience, years of research and development, and the unique set of skills possessed by our team.

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