Building integrated PV modules

BIPV modules

Helio GG 44.6 and 66.6

A photovoltaic module that is tailored to your preferences. Crafted in a glass-glass architecture, this module will excel in various architectural and building projects. The aesthetic qualities of the product allow it to seamlessly integrate into any design. Dimensions, cell arrangement, cell type, junction box placement, architecture, margin thickness, and material selection are decisions that will be in your hands. Our task will be to provide suitable guidance to ensure that the final product meets your needs.


  • Maximum size - 2450 x 1700 mm
  • Glass-glass and PVB film
  • Power - up to 180 Wp/m2, mono 5-10 busbar solar cells
  • Capability to produce bi-facial or semi-transparent modules.
  • Edge junction boxes and MC-4 connectors
  • Frameless module
  • Weight - 22.5 kg/m2 or 32.5 kg/m2
  • Thickness - 10.5 mm or 14.5 mm
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  • Certificates and standards available upon customer's request
  • Manufactured in Poland
  • Electrical parameters configured according to the order requirements
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  • Building of any type
  • Small architecture and landscape elements
  • Industrial and agricultural installations
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