Frequently asked questions

What does Helioenergia specialize in?

We specialize in manufacturing photovoltaic modules and conducting research in the field of photovoltaics. Our solar panels are created based on customer guidelines, allowing our products to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Our in-house produced PV modules excel particularly in construction and architectural applications. We possess the equipment necessary for manufacturing photovoltaic modules in the traditional glass-backsheet (EVA film) construction as well as in a glass-glass configuration (PVB film). For more information about our company, please visit the "About" page on our website.

How to make an order?

To place an order, inquire about photovoltaic production capabilities, consult a project, or for informational matters, please contact us using the contact form on the website or via the email address Due to the personalized nature of our products, we ensure that every order is preceded by effective communication with the customer.

What does BIPV mean?

BIPV (Building Intregrated Photovoltaics), refers to a type of photovoltaic installation that is integrated into the structure of a building. This concept envisions that photovoltaic elements contribute to the energy efficiency of the building upon which they are installed. The design doesn't compromise visual aesthetics, as BIPV panels are created to be an integral part of the architect's vision. We stand out among the companies engaged in photovoltaic production in Poland. More about our solutions can be found on the "BIPV" page..

How to customize PV modules?

We manufacture photovoltaic panels in Poland, utilizing our own equipment infrastructure. Our modules are custom-made, ensuring that their properties align with customer requirements. The following characteristics can be tailored:

  • size & shape
  • thickness
  • weight
  • applied materials
  • cells - their color, type, power & arrangement
  • holes & margins
  • junction box types & arrangement

More information about the customization possibilities of our products is available on the "Custom PV" page.

Are Helio modules better?

We prioritize the high quality of our products, which is why photovoltaic modules manufactured by Helioenergia are more efficient and visually appealing than generic, commonly used modules. Thanks to the materials we employ and our individualized approach to each order, the final product precisely matches the customer's needs.

When is it cost-effective to install photovoltaics?

Photovoltaic installations generate energy and typically have a relatively quick payback period, making them cost-effective. Considering the use of BIPV is best done during the design phase of a project. This allows for proper adaptation of the building or element and the development of a PV installation mounting system. Places where photovoltaics are most economically viable include office buildings, corporate headquarters, and hotels. With solar panels, such buildings can independently generate energy.

Can our modules be used for off-grid installations?

Our modules are connected to installations in the same way as generic modules. In the case of BIPV solutions, the significant difference usually lies in the mounting method of our panels. Glass mounting techniques are commonly employed for this purpose. Therefore, Helioenergia modules are fully suitable for off-grid installations. If you are planning such an installation and would like to discuss the details with us, we invite you to use the contact form or get in touch via the email address.


More questions?

Please get in touch with us through the contact form. We will be happy to answer any questions related to photovoltaics and our products. Your information will be used solely to establish contact with you, in accordance with our privacy policy.