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We manufacture photovoltaic modules using our own equipment, which allows for customization of products to precisely match customer preferences. Depending on the requirements, various elements of the module can be tailored accordingly.


Dimensions, thickness, and weight

The module size is entirely dependent on the customer's preferences. We can produce modules with dimensions up to 2450 x 1700 mm. Depending on the chosen thickness, the weight of the PV module can vary. Among the basic options we offer, there are configurations with a thickness of 10.5 mm and a weight of 22.5 kg/m2, as well as configurations with a thickness of 14.5 mm and a weight of 32.5 kg/m2.


Selection of materials

Our photovoltaic modules are manufactured using high-quality materials, including glass, film, cells, junction boxes, and MC4 connectors. The choice of materials can impact the final appearance of the product. We are capable of producing modules in architecture tailored to customer needs.

Solar cells

Cell power and types

In Helio GG photovoltaic modules, mainly three sizes of silicon cells are used: bifacial, half-cut, and quarter-cut. Each cell is characterized by a minimum efficiency of 20%. The efficiency of the final module, as well as its current-voltage parameters, depend on the number and arrangement of cells in the designed PV module. The power of a single cell is as follows:

Unique cells

Different colors

Components like solar cells in a PV module can be customized to meet visual requirements of the project. We will assist in selecting the appropriate cells to ensure that the final product meets the project's specifications.


Cells arrangement

The arrangement of cells can be individually designed. Depending on the chosen cell size, different levels of transparency can be achieved. Individual rows of cells can be shifted relative to each other, creating patterns like a chessboard layout. It's also possible to use varying widths between cells and rows, but the maximum gap between cells should not exceed 50 mm.

Additional details

Margins and holes

To ensure the high durability of the modules, solar cells and connection tapes should be kept away from the edges of the glass. The distance from the edge of the glass to the busbar or cell should not be less than 45 mm. We also offer the option to create holes in the glass. In case additional holes need to be made in the glass, the margin is measured from the edge of the hole.


Junction box types and arrangement

Depending on the designed number of cell strings, junction boxes can be positioned adjacent to each other or at opposite ends of the module. These boxes serve an additional purpose of safeguarding the electrical circuit in case of partial shading. Therefore, their location and connection are thoroughly verified each time. For solutions where a compact junction box is not crucial, a larger box can be used to manage the entire circuit. The placement of junction boxes and connecting tapes between individual rows of cells has a significant impact on the module's aesthetics.


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