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Out of the ordinary photovoltaic modules

We create photovoltaics that fit just perfectly. Thanks to their features, our modules will find their place in every project. We approach photovoltaics in a very unique way. Our PV modules are the result of many years of research and development, which allowed us to come up with products of great quality and visual potential. Thanks to their features they stand out among the modules available on the market.


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Mikołów, Poland

Cracow, Poland

Helio Smart Shelter


About us

We are an ambitious team with a wide range of skills and specializations. Photovoltaics is our passion, which is why we excel in what we do. Helioenergia is composed of specialists who possess extensive reservoirs of knowledge in the field of photovoltaics and materials engineering. Our crew consists of engineering doctors, doctoral candidates, as well as a team of engineers and technicians whose work has been focused on material research for years.


High-end equipment

We have equipment enabling the production of PV modules in both traditional glass-backsheet (EVA film) construction and glass-glass (PVB film) configurations. Our technological park is continuously expanding towards solutions that allow us to deliver BIPV modules with non-standard dimensions, shapes, and applications. In addition, our infrastructure includes a production line that allows for the manufacturing of PV modules based on cells from 5 to 10 BB, with the capability of rapid reconfiguration. We also possess equipment for laser-based cutting of PV cells to non-standard dimensions, catering to the most demanding PV module requirements.